Thursday, September 5, 2013


I am a creative blockage. 
An end to invention
I stare at my screen for hours, 
keep typing then erasing then stare again until Angry birds call up to me.

I am dead
My brain stopped thinking
I'm off track
My fervor of spirit had gone out

When you're gone... I'm suddenly uninspired
I'm lost for words.
I'm out of ideas.
My creative juices had dried

My soul is nowhere to be found
I'm unmotivated
I'm bromidic
I lost my passion.
I lost my credo in it's essence of nature.

Oh! God of Literature
Please steer me back
Back to where I was


  1. Wow, 'bromidic'. Ang deep ha. Di ko maarok! *haha!*

    Kidding aside, mukhang kelangan mo na ng inspirasyon. :)

  2. ay mali pala, sorry mukang di nag fufunction ang utak ko. mukang brojen hearted pala...

  3. ignore my question... i backread. hahaha

    1. i thought you were someone else with a new blog. nevermind. hahaha

    2. Hhhhmmm.. You ignited my curiosity and now it's on fire.

      How come? Why did you say so? Do we have the same style? Who is this? What blog? If we write the same exact way and style then maybe... Just maybe he's my soulmate. Choz

  4. Go out. Find something to write about. =)

    1. The thing is, I don't see things in a different way anymore. Wala ng magic. Wala ng astonishment out of mundane things. Extraordinary out of ordinary to make stories blog worthy.

      Haaaay K

  5. go back to where you begun
    and try the impossible
    work for unworkable
    create something from scratch

  6. wag ipilit kung walang lumalabas. hehe it will come out naturally. so for now, rampa muna sa labas at lumayo sa interneeet! hehe

  7. Nosebleed... hhahaha! Nice one. Bromidic. Laglag underwear ko sa word. hahaha!

    It reminds me of my youth. I miss writing poems. Pero hindi ko na kaya. Last week so the poems i wrote during my youth. Hindi ako makapaniwala na sinulat ko yun. Iba talaga kapag hormonal ka. nagiging creative, hehehe...

    "Oh! God of Literature
    Please steer me back
    Back to where I was"