Sunday, September 1, 2013

Frozen Ground: A not so epic review

Disclaimer: Pictures of some scenes of this film was posted in this review that can spoil the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to skip reading this post otherwise, take the risk.

The Frozen Ground was a less thrilling and a less suspense "suspense-thriller" movie. A true story photo play of an Alaska state trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of a famous serial killer during the 80's. A weak version of Jeremy Renner's Dahmer and a same game of Craigslist Joe.


If there is something remarkable about the movie is its shaky-unstable-scatterbrained powerful camera shot angles that suited each scenes and made the movie more intense and convincing. A clever style of delivering and manifesting tension that is essential in a suspense thriller movie. However, camera shots alone are not enough to create an efficient and effective screenplay. Colors used are very appropriate to set the mood in each scenes. The start was strong as it will provoke your curiosity. Costume design is ineffective that I almost forgot that the story was set in 1980's. If it weren't because of the gadgets used I would've forgotten it. Musical scoring was utterly impeccable. 


The story was fine. I guess it would have been better if the torture scenes had been more bloody and brutal just like in the movie Dahmer which (this film) have the same genre. Dahmer made it stronger, violent, more powerful and more intense by making the torture scenes more traumatic and more agonizing. Climax was really intense though.


One disadvantage of being an award winning actor is that expectations are higher in each movie you make. Nicholas Cage was a lil bit off for me.His acting throughout the film was bland that I felt like I'd seen this before. It feels like he was already in a stagnant stage. His style and attacks never changes, from Knowing to City of Angles to World Trade Center to National Treasure: book of secrets; It never changes. Vanessa Hudgens was.... well, fine. In another way, John Cusack was really a brilliant actor. He was riveting and surprisingly unpretentious. He is natural. I love how he manage to sustain and be consistent in his role. He never dropped even in a single minute, he never dropped his character as a psycho serial killer. The way he delivered his lines were remarkably powerful and original. And his eyes was so compelling and strong during the confrontation scene (climax) that it made me really focused and nervous at the same time. I wouldn't be surprised if John Cusack got a nomination for best actor in the next Academy Awards for this role. 

Some Remarkable lines from John Cusack.

"You think you can threaten me? You think you know who I am?"

"You little cunt!"

"I should've killed you when I had the chance"

All in all, The Frozen Ground was just another unremarkable-just-passing-by-suspense-thriller-movie that is deadening and weak. If it weren't because of John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens' rebellious role this would be less interesting and less appealing.

Rotten tomatoes gave them a 58% ratings while IMDb scored them 6.2, 

Me on the other hand will score them 7


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