Monday, August 5, 2013

I'll drink to that

I was walking into my room but I couldn't see where I'm going. Everything was a big blur. One big surreal blur. I Put my bag on the table, took off my shirt and dropped myself  on the bed. I still have that wristband on. The world is spinning.

I feel so cold....

and numb...

and dizzy....



I woke up with my pants on, topless, smells like shit


What the?!

What the hell happened?

Why do I have puke all over me?

* * * * *

King, R and I went to Bed (Gay Club) last saturday night. Actually sabit lang talaga kami ni R since it was really King's lakad with his friend Ronch and the infamous Max. Remember him? It was our first time to be in Bed Manila after its re-opening last last week. The place was still posh and high end in its nature only a little smaller compared to the previous one in Malate. The music is still great as it was. Rave party indeed. Crowd --- same old same old. Anyway, this is actually not a review about the new Bed in Greenfield District. It's about me getting drunk, wasted and fucked up for the first time. Yes! Dear readers you got that right. First time kong malasing ng ganun.

So what happens when you combine Bull frog (1 part tequila, 1 part vodka, 1 part Gin, 1 part White rum, 1 part Blue curacao and 1 Red Bull) plus Bacardi coke plus couple bottles of San Mig light?



Charot! Hindi naman death pero near death pwede pa. Kasi naman dalawa lang kami ni King umubos ng isang peacher ng Bull frog. R went home after an hour or two, Ronch cannot drink too much since he'll drive after and Max doesn't want to drink that freaking Bull frog. It was kinda weird actually coz' I can still remember everything. Everything that I did and had happened.

So here's the effects of Bull frog + Bacardi + San mig light during and after being intoxicated.

1. Dizziness/Slight drowsiness/Headache

     Eto yung unang effect na mararamdaman mo mga after 2-3 sips of bull frog and a couple bottles of San Mig light. Medyo kontrolado mo pa ang kilos mo at pananalita mo. You still have control over your emotions and perceptions. Mahiyain ka pa sa stage na yan. kumbaga image conscious ka pa.

2. "E" effect

     "E" as in ecstasy effect. Yes! dear readers. Ecstasy as in yung drugs na E. You'll experience a lil bit of ecstasy. Yung tipong every pound ng bass sa music ramdam na ramdam mo. Every strobe lights kumikiliti sa paningin mo. Tapos maha-hyper ka. Sayaw ka lang ng sayaw. wala ka ng pakielam sa mga kasama mo basta ang gusto mo lang sumayaw ng sumayaw na para bang bawal ng sumayaw bukas. Tapos you'll be emotional in a way that you'll entertain every emotion you feel. When you feel that urge to kiss someone or hug someone or lick someone's neck.. with no hesitaions gagawin mo. Kakahiya! At this time, I was trying to hook up with King's friend Ronch and... unfortunately, Max. Ang kati ko lang at dalawa silang nilalandi ko. Hindi ko alam kung anong meron pero hindi ko talaga mapigil yung certain urge to do those things. It was really horrible and embarrassing. Though I like Ronch naman talaga when I first saw him pero being the mahiyain and torpe me I didn't make a move until I was possessed with Alcoholic demons. When Ronch decided to go home (kasi inaantok na daw siya) I was everywhere. Grabe! Next thing I know I was flirting with someone AND with Max. Ang landi ko lang. Hahaha!

3. Selective Amnesia

    This part was a little bit of humiliating. Hindi ko kasi matandaan pangalan ng mga kasama ko. Akala tuloy nila insignificant sila sakin or unremarkable but the truth is... I really can't remember at kahit anong pilit kong tandaan hindi ko talaga maisip. There's this one time na when I was flirting with someone, we're talking and hugging and kissing for an hour  or so I suddenly I asked him.... "What's your name again?" Hahahaha! Nakakahiya na nakakatawa yun. Siya din ang reason kung bakit ako sobrang nalasing kasi every hug and kiss he was offering me a cup of Bacardi eh ako naman go lang ng go maka landi lang. Haha!

3. MJ effect

    Mj as in Marijuana effect. Yes! After ng ecstasy meron ding Marijuana effect. Tawa kasi ako ng tawa for no apparent  and odd reasons. Natatawa ako sa mga simple at maliliit na bagay like when we were having breakfast sa KFC. I was laughing kasi I ordered the AM steak bowl tapos nung kinain ko na siya it was chicken. Sabi ko "Hahaha! bakit hahaha puro chicken hahaha ang sine-serve nila hahaha!" The heck?! Lol.

4. Very honest

    Buti na lang chill lang si Max and hindi ako nasuntok. Haha! I told him that he was a Douchebag for ditching my friend. Tapos, I also admit to Ronch that I like him. Wait, I guess not... or subtly I expressed my feelings for him ata. Ewan! I can't remember. Haha!

5. Puke

And yes wala akong ginawa buong sunday kundi ang sumuka ng sumuka ng sumuka ng sumuka.

I'll never drink alcohol again. Never!

Ugh, wait... let me re-phrase that

I'll never drink Bull frog + Bacardi + 2 Bottles of San Mig light again.



  1. natawa ako sa selective amnesia. hahaha

    1. Hehe! Pinipili lang yung name na tatandaan e no

  2. This is so funny! Ganyan din ang nangyayari sakin. And yun din ang sinasabi ko when it all ends. Kaso the next week, uulit na naman. ;)

  3. i miss this kind of drunkenness...

  4. Selective amnesia for the win :)