Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Night Stand: A peak to the past and present


While the tremendous "habagat" is on its toll in Metro Manila filling each streets of Metro with flood, Me on the other hand is having my own tremendous flirtatious acts on twitter. Let's call him StarFish. Why StarFish? Coz' he lives on a sea. StarFish is a seaman in his mid-20's. Got average height and looks, kind of dark skin, short and clean hair style, got irresistible smile, Macho I should say and has a wonderfully molded perfect pecs.Yeah! He's got my fetish. The only thing I don't like about him is he's really madaldal. He talks a lot of things about him or he's family or his job. Anything that he wants to blur out will presumably be blurted out. I guess it's because of the nature of his job. I mean when he's out on the ocean I guess he doesn't have someone to talk to about those stuff so the result, whenever he comes home that's the only time he can share his experiences. Plus he's gay (not out to co-workers) and his family is in the province. Okay okay, I don't have issues with chatty people but gawd let me talk. He won't let me speak that's the problem. 

Okay.. So, we met each other thru chwirrer. Talked a lot of things about stuff then eventually exchanged numbers. We decided to meet as his last days on land is nearing. By the way, he's in a relationship at that time and Me... well, I was punishing myself for letting go of someone I truly love. I was a mess. I was in rage and a rebel combined into one. (I was trying to get a picture of him sa chuwirrer kaya lang he deleted his account)

"You can go here at my house and drink if you want" I said

*Ting! there you go.. the magic words*

"That's cool! Can I bring my laptop so we can watch movie? But you have to buy DVD coz' I don't have one" he said

"Sure" I answered

"The latest ones okay? I missed a lot when I was in the ship" he said

"Sure :)"

And so the day comes...

We were in my room having a bottle of Vodka (The cheaper one) chips and Baliwag liempo. We were both sitting on my bed, his laptop on another chair facing us. Ako ang tanggero. Gosh! ang lakas niya uminom lasing na ko siya mukhang hindi pa natatamaan. I was really really sleepy so I asked him if we can now lie down and sleep. He agreed. We were both lying down on my bed with lights off. I was not expecting anything to happen even though we talked about this already. Sabi pa niya "Ipunin mo yan lahat ah para pag nagkita tayo..." You all know what he's talking about right? 

So there, I was lying almost about to sleep when suddenly he hugged me. I was too groggy to respond. We were in that position for about 10 minutes. Hindi na ata siya nakapag intay kaya he got closer to me still hugging me. I can feel his warmth, his breath that smells alcohol -- bitter & sweet. Suddenly his hands start moving caressing my body up and down. Inch by Inch, it brings sudden electric impulse in Me. It feels ecstatic. A sudden euphoria. After a minute I was agitated. I was filled with sexual urge. I was fully aroused so I grabbed him leading towards on top of Me. We were facing each other then he kissed me. He kissed me like he never kissed before. Maybe because he doesn't have an intimate interaction for a while. His lips was soft that I couldn't help but to bite it. He then suddenly let his tongue out inside my mouth. I hugged him so tight. Ang init niya grabe. I brushed his head down to his back while we were kissing. He started licking my ears down to my neck down to my clavicle and then removed my shirt and then his shirt, and then back to what he was doing. He sucked and licked my nipple. I felt a strong and colossal sensation that made me shiver. I moaned and moaned and moaned and beg and beg and beg for him to come down. He removed my shorts and undies with his lips and yes it was sensational. He positioned himself in between my legs. Grabbed my pulsating cock and let his tongue lick every inch of it. Every space, every area did not let his tongue pass. Its like it has his own life. Sinipsip niya ito simula sa taas hanggang baba. It was an overload sensation. I was arching my back coz' of the extreme pleasure I'm getting. I held his head pushing it down asking for more, so he suck all of my cock. I couldn't contain myself so I grabbed him again and pin him down. I removed all of his clothes and started playing his nipples. I kissed, and sucked, and kissed, and sucked and licked his nipple. After a few minutes I started going down licking his body from his nipples down to his chest down to his abs down down down and give him a head. I heard him moaning so I though he was enjoying what I'm doing so mas ginanahan ako. I stick the tip of my tongue to the tip of his head licking it down to his frenulum down to his balls down to his perineum. He got wild. He moaned. He was delirium. I looked at him and saw him arching his back eyes shut. His face looks like he's drowning in sea of pleasure. We were like this for about 15 minutes when he told me to lie down. And so I did. He then opened my legs wide put some lube and tried to enter Me. Nahirapan siyang ipasok dahil years na ang nakaraan bago ang last ko at hindi pa ako relax. Lintek na to! all he wanted to do was too enter his stupid tool inside without making Me relax. Shet ka! After a while he was successful in his attempts but fuck! it was really really painful. 

"Teka! Masakit eh. Hindi ko talaga kaya. Ibang posisyon na lang" I plead

He nodded, so I lie down in prone position. He then again entered Me. This time there was no pain. He was in ecstasy. He was like an animal in fury and I was his prey. Every thrust was lecherous. An excessive sexual desire. It was like no end until... It was almost 30 minutes and still he hasn't reached climax yet. I was already exhausted. 

"Matagal ka pa ba?" I asked 


And then another 10 minutes passed. I was not enjoying this anymore. Yung itsura ko parang dedma na lang sa nangyayari kulang na lang magbasa ako ng dyaryo habang fina-fuck niya ko. So we ended up jacking off each other. Another ten minutes before he came. 

"Gusto mo mag kape muna tayo?" He asked while putting his shorts on.

"Next time na lang pagod na ko eh"

"Breakfast?" He again tried it one more time



I was in the gym doing my bench press while someone walked by. He looks very familiar and I'm sure I know this guy who passed by I just couldn't remember his name. And then I remember that night. It was StarFish. I stared at him one more time without noticing Me and it was really him. He looked at me but then snapped after a second. Sa isip isip ko, suplado to ah. Kala mo naman napaka galing sa kama. Hmp! So dedma ako sa kanya. A few weeks after, I was on the treadmill when I saw someone thru my peripheral vision approaching Me.

"Hey! Dito ka din pala nag gi-ym" He said

I had to remove my earphones to hear what he was saying.

"Huh?" I said. It was StarFish

"Di mo na ba ako natatandaan?" He asked

"Oh yeah! I remember you. Kelan ka pa bumalik?" I asked knowing he just got out of the ship

"Three months ago pa. Kamusta na?"

"Okay lang naman ikaw?"

"Okay lang din" He answered while flashing a big smile

"Tagal mo nawala ah" 

"Yeah! 9 months" He answered

We were talking while jogging on the treadmill. I noticed how he gained more muscles and still has those wonderfully perfect molded pecs. 

"Sige una na ko buhat muna ko" He said while pushing the stop button of the machine.

"Sure" I smiled

We did not exchange numbers but I'm sure I'll see him on the gym again. So let's see what will happen next.

"By the way, what time do you usually go here?" StarFish asked.


  1. Nice. Para siyang Energizer bunny --- long-lasting performance. *hahaha* Sana meron pa kasunod... Ala ba piktyur? :P

    1. second emotion! hihihi

      *correction: 30 mins ang minimum ko, kailangan 2 hrs AFTER foreplay, yan ang energizer bunny in my book. hahaha

    2. @Geosef: He already deleted his twitter account that's why no picture was posted.