Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Introspection to Wonderland


This past few months, I've been having the same dreams over and over again. It's not consecutive weeks or days but its effin consistent and it's starting to freak me out. I'm not a strong believer of superstitious beliefs nor a fan of any paranormal phenomena but this one, it really weird-ed me out. One can argue that dreams are somewhat an interpretation of fears and desires. An introjection of one's avidity over something or someone. And this would be our Introspection to Wonderland

I have three dreams that I kept on seeing. A spider, Soldier and cracked teeth. Unlike Alice in Wonderland, She had a progressive and continuous dream during her childhood. Joseph (The dreamer) on the other hand have surreal philosophical dreams about the future. In my case, there's a certain scenarios in every dream that contains a spider, soldier and cracked teeth. A glimpse lasting for about a minute. Like a teaser, a snippet or something.

My dreams are so bizarre that it piqued my curiosity -- and so I researched about the 'possible' interpretation of my dreams. Annotate in a scientific manner through Oneirology. Charot!


In my dream, I was being chased by a big spider.

According to Huffingtonpost, spiders are associated with manipulation. Depending on the rest of the dream, the spider may indicate that the dreamer is being manipulated or that the dreamer is a manipulator. I mentioned this to my friend R

"Eh bat ganun, naisip ko wala naman nagma-manipulate sakin or wala naman ako mina-manipulate?" I asked R

"Baka family mo..." R answered

For a moment I was silent. Then I realized, There's a huge percentage that I am being manipulated by my family. You see, I took up nursing because my mother wants it not because I want it and up until now... now that I already graduated and decided not to pursue it, I still am having troubles fixing and deciding what I really want in my life. What I mean is, Nahihirapan akong ayusin ang buhay ko base sa kung ano ang gusto kong maging forever. Siyempre wala naman akong balak mag stay dito sa company na to (BPO) pero nahihirapan akong tuparin ang gusto ko dahil--- mahirap. I already wasted four years of my life. Gusto ko sana mag aral uli or mag masteral kaya lang may mga bagay na hindi ko pa kayang gawin or hindi ko pa pwedeng gawin because at this moment I was stuck. So, yes! I was being manipulated. Medyo malabo ang explanation ko kasi it deserves another blog entry. 


In my dream, I was a solider somewhere in middle east in a deserted area. The scene was I'm in a war. On the battle ground itself fighting for something I don't know. 

Well, I do have this lunatic fantasy of being a soldier but that's not enough reason for me to have this kind of dream consistently right? So I dig deeper.

Real meaning of dreams said if not all but most of war dream means there is some form of conflict in your waking life whether it be internal conflict within your own mind or external conflict. There could be parts of yourself that are in conflict with each other. Hmmm... maybe I'm in conflict with myself because of until now, at this age I still don't know what I wanted to be. I'm 25 and still I can't make up my mind if I wanted to be a surgeon, a psychologist, an event organizer or a mother of three. Char!

Cracked Teeth

In my dream, when I was about to bite something; suddenly my tooth's falling apart one by one.

In our culture, ang ibig sabihin daw nito ay may mamamatay sa pamilya or relatives mo. Eh duh! ilang beses ko na nga napapanaginipan wala naman namamatay. So i'd go for more scientific explanation about this. The more acceptable one.

Pursuant to teethfallingoutdream, Broken teeth in a dream are a representation of disruptive challenges and stress. They gave six primary meanings of a broken teeth in a dream.

1. Instability and lack of balance.
2. Issues with reliability and trust
3. Guilt or concern over broken promises
4. Emotional pain, fear of loss
5. Price paid for costly compromises
6. Invitation to look at your current course of action, path.

Need I say more?

* * * * *

Did you see the connection of the three dreams? Galing noh? Human behaviors never fail to amuse and fascinate me in a very strange and unusual scheme.

So there, it all boils down within Me. My inner self. My id, ego and superego.


  1. Based sa post mo ngayon, you‘re leaning towards psychology though I‘m just an observer basing on one post. As for dreams, ang weird nila noh? One dream that never fails to weird me out even up to now is when I dreamed the exact location of our then-would-be house. I was a kid back then. 5 y.o. ata. The dream goes like this:

    The whole dream was black and white. I and my mom were on a jeepney drive. The drive was quite short. When the jeep stopped I was motioned by mom to get off the jeep first. When I got off and my mom was about to get off, the jeep suddenly went off with my mom leaving me behind. I surveyed the surroundings and cried.

    Then a year later, pinuntahan namin yung location ng papagawang bahay. At yun na yun ang eksaktong place. The dream was so vivid and it really matched the location.

    1. Ang weird nga ng dream mo FSOQ. And mejo foreboding. *brrr*

    2. True! medyo gusto gusto ko din maging psychologist pero minsan parang mas gusto ko maging surgeon. ewan ko ba!

      Nag time travel ang soul mo while you're sleeping. Hehe!

    3. @sepsep: Ooohhhh forebodding *Epistaxis*


    4. Astral projection ang trip ng soul mo.

    5. Insidious ang peg.

      Noh sepsep? ;)

  2. Ang surreal naman nito Nomad. *hehe*

    Naintindihan ko yung sa Nursing thing. Madami ako kilala na hindi rin nila choice ang course na yan. In my case, ginusto ko naman yun at that time. Bukod sa in demand siya, mahilig ako sa siyensya. Kaso yun nga, malas at nagpauto ako sa takbo ng trend. Kahit ako nagsisisi sa nangyari, nanghihinayang sa apat na taon. Kung pwede lang umulit, Architecture o Engineering na lang ang kukunin ko. *sigh*

    Yung tungkol sa soldier, baka naman gusto lang sabihin ng utak mo na gusto nya makatikim ng sundalong maton? Baka fantasy mo lang ang action sa barracks. :P

    Yung sa cracked tooth, magsipilyo ka lang daw gabi gabi, malapit na daw kasi sila masira. *hahaha* just kidding. Pero ang emo nito huh. :)

    1. True! Surreal nga.

      Ayun! natumpak mo ang hinahanap kong salita -- nagpadala sa trend. Na enjoy ko din naman nung nag aaral pa ako pangarap ko nga maging ER or OR nurse nun eh kaya lang nabago ang mga gusto ko eh. Lalake na pala gusto ko. Hehe!

      Sabi ko na sasabihin mo yang gusto makatikim ng soldier eh. Hihi!

      Grabe ah. May braces kaya ako so monthly may cleaning ako kaya di na ko nag to-toothbrush. Char!

      Emo ba? serious lang. kaw naman sepsep ;)

    2. Same here, pangarap kong jackpot ang maging ER nurse. OR not so much, boring dun e. Repetitive ang work, though exciting ang mga makikita mong laman-loob.

      Isa sa fantasy ko yan, soldier loving. :)

      Mayaman, may bakal sa ngipin!

      Ako kanina binangungot eh. May batang babaeng multo daw ang sumusunod sakin. Pero nalaman ko lang na nasa tabi ko pala siya kasi sinabi ng kapitbahay ko across the binta ng room ko. Tinalon ko yung buong hagdan namin sa bahay pababa sa sobrang takot ko. Tapos walang gusto lumapit sakin dahil takot din sila. Then nagising na ko. Halos mapatalon ako mula sa kama, dala ko yung takot hanggang magising ako. Ang ayoko sa lahat eh yung mga batang multo, tapos ito may pechay pa. Double scary! :(

      Madami pa kong weird at scary dreams. Yung iba very hot and kinky, malakas makapang-wetdreams. :P

    3. Yun nga ang exciting sa OR nurse eh mga laman loob pati na rin yung *ehem* lalo na pag gwapo yung pasyente. Alam mo yan ;p

      Hahahaha! Aluminum foil lang tong nasa ngipin ko. Wahahahahaaha!

      Hala! Ayoko ng ganyang dream yung nadadala mo yung pakiramdam pag gising mo. Sabi na eh di mawawala sayo ang wet dreams. Naughty ka :p

  3. Teka, may blog post ako tungkol diyan! So no comment muna ako. *hahaha*

    Masarap kaya ang wet-dreams. Madali nga lang makaubos ng shorts. :P

    1. feeling ko sa letter W yan. Hehe!

      Di ko pa ma experience ang wet dreams :(

  4. Hmmm... Can relate pero more on Ahas ang dream ko eh haha.. Its either hinahabol ako ng ahas or nakapatay ako ng ahas or minsan naman wala lang may ahas lang talaga. Ganun!

    Sabi nila pera daw yun.. Well.. so far wala pa naman dumating na limpak limpak na pera. Pag meron na.. Sasabihan kita haha

    1. Sabi ni Sigmund Freud snake represents a phallic symbol. Libog lang daw yan. Choz! Knowing Freud puro kalibugan ang alam.

      Sabi it means you’re in the process of healing and resolving issues.

      Read this :)

      Sabi naman dito

      Dreaming about a snake biting is a wake up call to pay attention to a situation or a behavior that is “poisonous” in your life.

      Hope that helps :)

  5. Mejo nakarelate ako...pero hindi sa dream pero dun sa fact kung saan naglelead ung mga npapanginipan mo..

    More on personal about what u really want in ur life...and fear na at this point of our lives di pa rin natin alam kung ano tlg ung gsto ntng tahakin....and fear na were not getting any younger nauubos din ang oras at panahon ntn...=)

    1. Korek! nakaka pressure din talaga ang age eh

  6. hello new here!
    enjoyed this post though! i agree na amazing ang human behaviour. specially the design of our mind. galing...

    with that... i suggest magpsych ka! haha
    kararating ko lang dito nangingialam na ako sa future mo. lol

    1. Ok lang makialam. I blogged about this it means I allow intruders *winks*