Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Word Salad

I'm in the office staring at my distant monitor scrolling my mouse up and down excessively. I was bored to death. I finished everything I need to do. I was pretending that I'm busy so my manager would not notice that  I'm done. Hehe! and I realized that it's really not easy to pretend. I was clicking all the tabs on the task bar when this notepad that I've been using for almost 2 years popped up. It was my notepad with all the reminders and stuff that I need to follow up at work. So I read it just to kill time, and again; pretend that I'm busy. Nasurprise lang ako sa mga nakasulat doon. All this time I thought the notepad is pure work stuff but its not. . Let me show you those writings that are not work related in an unedited style.

Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry
Mans Zelmerlov - Impossible
Vengaboys - Forever as One
Evanescene - My Immortal
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Dashboard Confessional - Even Now
Leona Lewis - Better In Time
U2 - Walk On
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
Kelly Clarkson - Sober
Alexz Johnson - 2AM

*Habang nagta-trabaho nag iisip ng mga kanta? Hala! 

doesn't give proper reading
it doesn't fit to his ear.

*Wala ako idea kung bakit to andyan. Anu kaya iniisip ko nung nilagay ko yan?

realities never defined you.
you live in a life of your "blog"
and twitter. you never face realities.

*This was the words used by King against me when we had a fight.

tries to win my affection?
makes up with the sweetness?  
unusual intervention niya

*Pardon my grammar. Hihi! I can't remember this one as well.

invest quality friendship

If am being nice to you meaning 
i'm investing into something called quality friendship


*Ugghh... Clueless again

hubert webb boy abunda interview

*Saved it coz' I wanna watch the interview

Itchy nipples and sweaty palms

*When I was planning to create a blog, this was the title I'm planning to use. Kinky right?

I invoke my right to self incrimination

*Reading Articles I guess?

take over control afrojack

*Thinking of another song to download

you as a human being
wants diversity, wants variety 
you want everything right?

its what you do with that nautral 
feeling that defines you as a perspon
as a human being.

its natural for both male and female
to cheat

defining value the decision to
make that we want to be a good people

without laws we would hurt each other

they dont have the personal resistance
to say no im not gonna cheat with

the person I love.

*Heard from Mo Twister in his podcast

not all opinions are relative
there is a standard we live by and that 
standard has to be met or else our society
would be in an anarchial state

*From Mo Twister again

the negative attitude /personality kind of
makes a person do negative things if
you push towards the scenario 
that your personality dictates it to be 

*Mine? Haha!

classical conditioning -associate one
event with another event

*Reading something about Classical conditioning. A form of learning thru stimulus.

but if it continues to hurt you over and over 
in a viciously way and it just, in a way 
bad in your life and the 
people around you, you have to give it away


you used to hold me
feel so close
im not alone
stars come out
i can only imagine - david guetta
aerials- system of a down

*Listing songs to download again. Puro na ata ako download di na nagta-trabaho. Haha!

London olympics illuminati warnings

*Yes! I'm Illuminati and conspiracy freak. I'm a reader of vigilant citizen by the way

take over control
whistle flo rida
wild ones flo rida

*Songs songs songs songs


*I-search ko kasi sa Youtube kamuka kasi niya yung officemate ko. Screenshot then ise-send ko sa email sa lahat. Buwahahahahaha!

cher lloyd and mike posner
best i ever had vertical horizon
sexy single & free
lego house guitar cover
tadhana guitar cover
through the years acoustic
half life
barely breathing

raise your glass remix

*Obvious na bang hindi ako nagta-trabaho talaga?

Too ugly for love part 1
Multiple Personality Disorder: The woman with 7 personalities
Multiple Personality Disorder - Documentary

Flight From Darkness:Bipolar Disorder Documentary

*Mga documentaries sa Youtube na binabalak kong tapusin. Maganda yung Multiple personality disorder sobrang interesting at dun ko lang siya naintindihan fully. Yung dalawa di ko pa natapos.

di mawari kung paano ilalapat ang mga salita,
kung paano ilalathala ng mga titik.. sa
bawat salita, sa bawat parirala, sa bawat
pangungusap ang sigaw ng kaluluwa.

*Yung mga panahong in love ako pero di ko masabi sa kanya.

let it hurt and let it hurt for a long time. 
let it hurt as much as it can hurt.. and after 
you let it hurt.... one day it will not
hurt anymore.

*From Mo Twister again

you cant blame filipinos for being insecure and sensitive bec we are deprived of our own history we've been brought down by our colonizing forces, we've been brought down by our own selves we are a nation that wants to be loved, and we are not finding that love and so everytime
that something happened we are so onion skin bec we don't have tools to defend ourselves
if we just know how cool we are all the shit like the french will just roll over the back

*From Carlos Celdran when he guested to Mo's podcast. Very smart and intelligent person

your majesty thou art great accept this
humble offering i bow to you

*From 3 Idiots

Sex and gender are two diff things. sex is
determined by how are we biological born while 
gender is determined by social factors 

*Read it somewhere I guess

The Boy Who Lived Before - Extraordinary People

*Another documentary in Youtube. Was suggested by my supervisor. Oh di ba! Wala ng traba-trabaho. Haha!

junji arias (i'll be there for you)- team sarah
Hideyuki ito (its a mans world)- team sarah
angelica prado (dreams) -team bamboo
kim mainit (nobodys perfect)- team lea
lee grane (anak) - team bamboo
jordan castillo (ordinary people)- did not make it
Maki ricafort (foolish heart)- team sarah

*Planning to blog about The voice my top ten but have no time. You see kulang pa yung list ko

So there you go. Did I convinced you that I'm really not working?



  1. the perks of working in an office.. :) nakakamiss din... bloghophop and got here :)

  2. Nakaka-nosebleed naman tong mga notes mo Nomad! *hahaha* Masyadong pa-deep.

    Masarap kayang magtrabaho habang nakikinig ng music. Inspiring, depende sa songs. Kaya oks lang yan. :)

    1. Korek! nakakawala ng antok. Ang negative ng dating ng "pa-deep" sounds pretentious to me. Di po ako nagtataray

    2. Feel ko tumaas kilay mo eh. *hahaha* Wala po akong masamang meaning doon. Ikaw naman o.

    3. Hahahaha! natawa ko sayo loko ka

  3. Haha I can relate to scribbling down things and then forgetting about it, tapos pag nakita mo ulit di mo maalala kung ano yun haha. All I would recall are the songs I want to donwload :)

    Dami kong tawa sa itchy nipples and sweaty palms - could you imagine how your blog would have been kung iyan nga naging title :)

    1. Oo nga noh? ngayon ko lang na realize yung sa itchy palms and sweaty nipples este itchy nipples and sweaty palms.

      Natawa ako sayo. Hahaha!

  4. That wallpaper used to be my wallpaper :)
    Sorry pero un ung napansin ko sa blog post mo... hehe

  5. may ganyan din ako, lyrics ng kanta, idea ng posible thing na pwede iblog, reminder sa trabaho at limpak na limpak na link ng mga article ng gusto kong basahin...

    1. Parehong magulo ang utak natin

    2. pwede rin ahaha... or nagtake note lang tayo ng mga bagay na interesting na gusto natin balika kapag wala na tayong ginagawa kaso nakalimutan na natin lolz...

    3. Yiiieeeee! bagay tayo


  6. Wow Hashtag Random ulet :D

    Natawa ako sa itchy nipples and sweaty palms lol

  7. ang sayang makahalungkat ng mga past doodles or notes, mapa-sulat kamay man o sa computer.

    lakas makanostalgic. hehe

  8. Huh? Parang baligtad ata ung sa sex and gender? :P

  9. Wala akong ganyan, kahit isa, promise. My life must be so boring, ha,ha,ha. Good reminders though and some were really written well, re quotes.