Monday, March 24, 2014

When your advice is so wrong

My co-worker and I had a conversation about me and my boyfriend's break up last week.

I sounded a bit bitter but I have a point, I always have a point if not, I wouldn't be posting this.

We were talking about the movie "About time" and "Starting over again" when suddenly I brought it up to a friend for the first time.

It was refreshing yet painful.

1.                                                             2.

3.                                                           4.

  5.                                                          6.                                                        

7.                                                           8.

9.                                                            10.

11.                                                          12. 

13.                                                          14.

15.                                                          16.

17.                                                            18.

19.                                                             20.

21.                                                             22.

23.                                                               24.

25.                                                             26.

27.                                                              28.

 29.                                                             30.


  1. How long did your relationship with Franco last before the break up?

  2. I was a cheater too. I was not good for anybody. Then I met this amazing guy who loved me selflessly. 1 month into the relationship, he caught me talking to someone on my YM about the kiss I did with another guy the night before. A cheater reacts in the same way - they will realize that they did a bad thing and does not deserve any love from anyone. My first impulse was to break up with him. I said I don't deserve him. A normal partner will agree, pack his bags, and go. But my partner did not throw any bad accusations. He cried the most bitter cry I have ever seen. He said, "Why are you breaking up with me? Am I not the one that was hurt? Am I not the one you cheated on? This is not your call. This is just one bad bump and I am not breaking up with you. We will not break up. You hurt me already, please don't hurt me even more by breaking up with me." And he cried some more. I hugged that man and I cried too. I promised myself I will not hurt him again. I will not kiss nor be intimate with anyone else ever. I will give my whole self to him and make sure that every day of my life, I will try to be worthy of his love.

    That is how true love has changed a cheater. My point in sharing this story is for you to see that no one in this world can give you any advise on what you can do for the one you love. If you think you still have a fight left, go ahead and fight. I don't guarantee great result but love works in ways we cannot easily comprehend.

    1. Everything that you said is true. You're so full of wisdom. There was a moment that I thought I was reading "The Alchemist". I'm not exaggerating. I'm not doing this because I want to please you but because it's the truth. I would love to talk to you more, or be friends with you. I figured that I may learn a lot of things from you.

    2. Si Ace din ang nag-comment nito. As well as the one below.

  3. And Jamie did well in giving her thoughts. She's a friend who shares her opinion but never forces you to accept it. You'll need her when all these efforts fail. Keep her close just in case.