Thursday, January 30, 2014

What happened?

Inside a relationship....

Would you rather forget everything and move on or give chance and try it again?

Would you rather think of the past and all the things that you've been through together or smuggle into the future and see yourself alone?

Would you rather save the relationship or save yourself?

Would you rather hush and live with the motto "what you don't know won't hurt you" or sneak and see the whole truth?


  1. I would save myself but then again love is crazy.. Sometimes we just cannot let go of the ones we love so dearly..

  2. isa lang yan., kung mahal mo pa gow lang magpatawad at mag move on :-)

  3. true to what they say. love is crazy. but always remember that the first step for us to love and be love, is self-respect..if you come to a juncture wherein you need to choose between love and self-respect, choose the latter. no matter what happens at the end of the day, you have yourself and your heart, broken but not missing.

    just my two cents.

  4. hay love.

    hay ang tagal naman kasi ng magpapaexperience sa akin nyan e. tsk! :p

  5. no point saving a relationship tarred with lies and hurting. Better save yourself, and hope it's still good for whatever tomorrow might offer.

  6. I saved myself. I gave up easily. I was too afraid to take risk - Scared to lose! Never have I realized that running away and not fighting for my loved one is also losing a battle that has yet to come.

    So be brave. Face it. A battle fought with heart is worthy of a celeberation - may it be a gold or just another better luck next time. :)